1What is a Black Mask?

The film Black Mask Black Mask Fresh Face by Helen Gold face against blackheads and pimples with activated carbon – a professional tool deep action. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and used in the home.

Action Black Mask:

  • pulls toxins,
  • heals the affected area,
  • It cleanses the skin from acne,
  • It evens tone.

After use, the face begins to shine, it appears a natural glow and unpleasant acne no trace remains. The effect is achieved by the months of use.

2Causes of acne and blackheads

Skin problems are due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. In the absence of proper care of the pores become clogged with dust particles, dead cells. Consequence – inflammatory processes, which are often accompanied by the formation of pus. From these problems often affects people with oily skin.
Appear comedones and can holders, dry, combination and even normal skin. This occurs due to improper diet, hormonal bursts, the influence of external factors. To avoid this problem, only a few can. According to statistics, 95% of the population suffer from such problems.


Black Mask Black Mask can not do at home because it has a special composition. It contains:

  1. Polyvinyl alcohol is necessary to form a film on the skin. It helps to clean the pores of dead microscopic pieces of skin.
  2. Glycerin provides deeper penetration of beneficial ingredients into the skin, keeps the natural moisture level.
  3. Wheat germ oil leads to rapid tissue regeneration, heals microcracks and has an antioxidant effect.
  4. Olive squalane allows the skin to stay healthy for a long time. It prevents moisture loss, normalizes skin breath.
  5. Panthenol – vitamin B5, which is quickly absorbed, heals the dermis cells from the inside.
  6. Collagen can return face contour sharpness, making even more oval.
  7. Bamboo charcoal (powder) – can effectively cleanse the skin from dirt and harmful substances.

All components are widely used in cosmetics, are the low level of hazard. Therefore, the film – a mask used by people prone to allergic reactions.

4Mechanism of Action

Black Mask Black Mask to remove blackheads and pimples from the nose, and the person acts as a mechanical cleaning. This is achieved by adhering particles of dirt to it, which remain in the film after the removal tool. The second mechanism – pulling dirt and toxins from deep layers to the surface. Activated carbon – an excellent absorbent, which has a powerful cleaning action.

Black Mask and acts as an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory agent. Active components influence each other, increasing the resulting effect. It is proved that the mask eliminates the swelling and unhealthy shine as normalizes blood circulation and metabolism.

The first noticeable results appear after the first use. After 14 days, small pimples disappear, and a month later the skin is completely cleared.


Using mask-film – is safer than a visit to a beauty salon for cleaning or carrying out laser, vacuum techniques. Almost all of them have a strong mechanical action on the skin, disrupting its integrity. Patients say that after the procedure the skin begins to require more frequent cleaning.

Black Mask Plus has mild effect in contrast to other methods. It gently cleanses all layers of the dermis, filling crates useful vitamins and minerals. This ensures:

  • full for problematic skin,
  • reduction in the number of lesions,
  • matte effect.

It is unlikely that a woman after cleaning the salon allow himself to go to a restaurant or a social event – the skin is covered with red spots, becomes swollen. Black Mask has the opposite effect. It can relieve edema, even with the abuse of salty foods.


Film-face mask has no contraindications. Real customer reviews of Black Mask Black Mask of blackheads and pimples show that it does not cause allergies. The absence of hormonal components and antibiotics means making available to all.

7Where to buy in the UK

Do not know where to buy a black mask against the black dots and spots for the face: at the pharmacy or the Internet? After shopping Black Mask is not for sale. The Internet also make a purchase on the official site. This gives the opportunity to buy genuine products.

8Reviews of Black Mask Plus

Nata25, 25 years old: “My problem – problem skin. Even as a teenager I was faced with the fact that the fight against pimples help only some of the tools. For a long time I tried to find the most suitable option. Recently discovered that my girlfriend prettier. I asked about her secret. It turned out that it applied the mask on the basis of activated carbon.

As a new means of attitude without trust, I had to borrow one from her bag. Imagine – the first application of color lined and acne near the nose is completely gone. ”

Valli, 40 years: “Acne, from which I suffered in my youth, caused irreparable harm. Until now, the skin looks as if it were passed by a tractor. Now my daughter is faced with the same problem. What we have just not tried, do not you want to keep youth and beauty of her skin. Therefore, when on sale there was a mask Black Mask Fresh Face by Helen Gold, we were among the first buyers. The mask is applied simply, and the result becomes visible immediately. Now I’m sure my daughter all right. ”

By Lisa, 60 years old: “I remember how in my youth we used the means at hand to restore marafeta. The rate went all the vegetables, inexpensive glycerin, ordinary coal. The powder of the latter, we used as a scrub. No wonder they say that the old recipes – the safest. When she saw the mask on her granddaughter, immediately I decided to study the instructions. It turns out that it contains useful components, which once tried to herself. I’m glad that now there is such a mask. ”

Of Emma, ​​25 years old: “I like to try different new items, so the mask is not an exception. I use it for a month – the result was more effective than other means. The skin became taut, there was a feeling of freshness. Ordered mask his girlfriend. I think it’s a great birthday gift. The more time to place your order with 50% discount. ”

Alex, 33 year: “On the Internet, it is written a lot of positive feedback about the Black Mask. But how can they believe it until you try to remedy itself. The mask is easy to apply, and lays down a thick layer of smooth. It dries in about 15 minutes. Thereafter removed in one motion. First times to do it, “as in advertising,” did not work, but then adapted. Application of the film does not take a lot of time, but the effect is good. “

Anna, ’44: “I work the director of a large network. It should always look good, but the high pace of life does not allow for time in beauty salons. I recently read about the mask-film. I ordered several packages and did not regret it. It is non-allergenic and has no age restriction. ”

Laura, 27 years old: “The mask has ordered the example of his sister. Despite the fact that she was older than me, her skin rovnenko without fine lines and clean. Good that you can make a purchase via the Internet. The order came very quickly. Thanks to high-quality packaging means integrity was not broken. ”

Jane ‘, 16 years old: “I got a lot of pimples, which I could not get rid of. My mother did not allow visits to beauty parlor. Alternatively, it was proposed to use a mask. It was cool. After a month of black points was gone. The effect lasts for several months. ”

Julia, 14 years, “Elder sister watching their appearance. Recently she has noticed a new pack of Black Mask. After much persuasion she gave me to try it. Despite the fact that pimples were only on the forehead, I apply it all over your face. Very quickly, the skin became rovnenko and without pimples. ”

Angela, 15 years: “In the class there was a guy that I liked immediately. But due to problems with the skin, I do not even dare to approach him. Due to the small work, I have my own savings, which I spent in the mask-film. A month later, Artem first came to me! Now we together decided to enroll in college and never give up. ”

9Reviews of doctors

These reviews of physicians on a black mask Black Mask Plus of blackheads and pimples only positive. Many people use the tool in their practice.

Beautician: “New mask not only eliminates the acne but also prevents their recurrence. If you use it regularly, then the effect will not take long. Mask with charcoal gentle, does not dry the skin, cleans the pores. It can be applied not only to the face but also on other problem areas. ”

Dermatologist: “Most cosmetic funds are matched by age. But there are also universal. Black Mask – one of those. The mask is suitable for people of all ages. She copes with comedones, removes dirt from deep pores. Thanks to disappear even minimal inflammation. The unusual combination of ingredients works wonders. ”

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