Collamask mask for facial rejuvenation against facial wrinkles

– A unique product, which makes the young person (as expensive Botox). Anti age means:

  • struggles with wrinkles and fine lines,
  • eliminate deep pores,
  • improves the complexion,
  • It tightens the skin,
  • It provides complete rejuvenation.

Mask replaces the salon treatment, providing a comprehensive impact on all segments of the dermis.

Action Collamask

Anti-aging facility was specifically designed for women over 30 years. The active ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis, so any type of wrinkles are smoothed. There is a renewal of the structural functioning of cells. This ensures moisture retention in cells independent amplification collagen.

Collamask effect in stages, so it is recommended to bring the end of the healing process of the skin.

Step action

  1. In the first weeks of the dermis is cleansed of keratinized epidermis. As a result, aligned complexion, the pores are cleaned and gradually narrowed.
  2. At 3-4 week occurs eliminate sagging. With regular use, the effect lasts for a long time. Eliminates small wrinkle.
  3. At 4-6 week there is a full recovery of the skin. The rejuvenating effect is noticeable not only the woman herself, but also the people around them. Disappear age and wrinkles.

From the very first applications of anti-wrinkle mask displays toxins from cells. Therefore gradually disappear, not only irregularities but also a variety of spots. Long effect is maintained by protecting the skin from the effects of free radicals. It is proved that Collamask does not cause allergic reactions.

Where to buy Collamask in the UK?

You can buy in the UK Collamask online on the official website. You still fill out the order form, choose the most convenient shipping method and pay for the goods upon receipt. Provide your real phone – the operator will call for further information. You can always learn from him advice on the use.

Buy Collamask in a pharmacy in the UK can not. Only on the official website you can get a certified anti-aging mask, which will be really useful to you. On the Internet you can buy a vehicle at a reduced price on the official website – 50% discount.

Composition CollaMask

The product is suitable for all skin types – has all the natural ingredients in the composition. It does not cause addiction or side effects. Composition:

  • Collagen. It retains moisture and restores the skin’s structure. Under its action occurs wrinkles.
  • Amino acids. This is one of the most powerful anti-aging factors. They protect the skin from aging.
  • Blue clay. It tones the dermis, tightens pores.
  • Sodium alginate. It is a polysaccharide derived from seaweed. Effectively moisturizes, detoxifies.
  • Betaine and vegetable oils. Prevents the loss of moisture. They have a smoothing effect.
  • The essential oil of palmarosa. It has powerful antibacterial effect.

Instructions Collamask

Perform the procedure in a quiet environment to be able to relax. Apply a thick layer of the mask. The rest for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water composition. Do not use rough towels. Remove residual moisture soft cloth.

The course of healing and rejuvenation of the skin is 6 weeks. Owners of dry dermis means recommended to use twice a week. Women with oily or combination skin will be sufficient once every 7 days.


After the first use, you will notice that Collamask make the skin more toned and healthy.

Due to prolonged action will be able to for a long time to forget about wrinkles. Feedback from customers suggest:

  • dry skin disappears,
  • diminish under-eye circles,
  • facial contour becomes clearer,
  • wrinkles are smoothed.


Reviews physicians about anti age mask Collamask :

Beautician: “Thanks to the natural ingredients anti-aging mask has a pronounced effect. The skin gets the necessary nutrients and amino acids, so looks fresh and rested. One of the main advantages is that the tool has passed clinical trials. It is safe, it does not lead to addiction. The patented structure is universal. Therefore, the mask of wrinkles is used for all skin types. ”

Dermatologist: “I am a specialist with extensive experience. To me treat patients with different problems. Collamask mask reduces inflammation, fights dryness, wrinkles and fading. It can be used for preventive purposes, the first wrinkles “.

Anna (the buyer): “In my 45 years, I have enough problem skin: acne accompanies me with adolescence. Now, even wrinkles appear. I tried a lot of money. Neither mask did not give stable results. Until I bought Collamask. This is an amazing tool! The skin became soft and velvety. After a week on the job began to ask, what happened to my wrinkles. I’m happy with the result. ”

Real customer reviews of Collamask Wrinkle say that visually after using the face look more fresh and fit. A more rapid effect can be achieved if the person before use clean water or tonic, and then further processed moisturizer.


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