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Cream Welltox against freckles, dark pigmentation spots on the skin of the face . Used to lighten the face, chest, shoulders. Ideal for people who are constantly forced to protect themselves from exposure to the sun. Helps cope with moles and pigmentation spots that appear in people older than 25 years.

Freckles are small and multiple pigmented spots. They are formed due to changes in the structure of melanocyte cells, which begin to work hard. Freckles is a kind of skin reaction to the sun’s rays. Sometimes on the face there are single pigmented spots. They only spontaneously in isolated cases. Usually, getting rid of requires a lot of effort.

1Welltox Action

Cream from pigmentation WELLTOX is a unique tool for whitening the face from age spots, freckles, facial skin aging. The mechanism of action is aimed at neutralizing the coloring effect of melanin. Active substances penetrate into every cell of the skin, are broken down, affecting melanin. The product discolours the painted areas and blocks the re-pigmentation. Allows you to solve a problem that has arisen under the influence of:

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  • hereditary factors,
  • frequent sun exposure or in a solarium,
  • hormonal adjustment,
  • skin injuries,
  • stress,
  • age changes.

The Welltox cream works in stages:

  • On 1-2 weeks there is a restoration of the protective properties of the skin, moisturizing.
  • At 2-4 weeks, it smooths the skin tone, reduces the number of stained areas.
  • At 4-6 weeks completely eliminates freckles, replenishes the stock of nutrients necessary to the skin.

2Where to buy Welltox in Singapore?

You can buy whitening cream Welltox in Singapore in a pharmacy online on the official website. In retail chains and conventional pharmacy shops, this can not be done. This approach was chosen specially. Buyers are guaranteed to receive original and high-quality products, allowing to forget about freckles and dark pigment spots.

Price Welltox reduced by 50% only in the official representative in Singapore. Thanks to this policy, cream is a more affordable means than passing whitening procedures in beauty salons.


The remedy is the only one that contains amelan. It is a molecule that neutralizes excess melanin. The effect is achieved thanks to a special technology, consisting in an active combination of piperonyl alcohol and linoleic acid.

For skin care in cream is:

  • Betaine.
  • Extract liquorice.
  • Lactic acid.

The healing complex consists of vitamin E, rosemary oil and kaolin. The components penetrate deep into the dermis layers. There are protective components (allantoin, panthenol). They protect cells from aggressive environmental influences.


To achieve a positive effect, it is recommended to use the cream correctly. First, completely cleanse the skin. Apply evenly to the face, décolleté zone. Additionally, use the product on local painted areas for enhanced clarification. Do this at least once a day. Best before a night’s sleep. The minimum duration of treatment is 4 weeks.


Cream Welltox is not addictive, does not cause allergies. Has exceptional safety performance:

  • does not irritate the skin,
  • does not increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight,
  • has a positive effect on the skin condition.



As a result of constant exposure, pigmentation decreases. Cream prevents re-darkening of skin areas. This becomes possible by suppressing the formation of tyrosinase. Thanks to the rapid replenishment of the stock of nutrients and moisture necessary for the skin, all the characteristics of the dermis are improved. The skin becomes more taut and matte.


Real doctors’ reviews of Welltox agree that the product perfectly brightens the skin:

Doctor dermatologist: “Every woman dreams about the light and even skin tone. Many modern products contain aggressive chemical components. They only allow for some time to cope with the pigmented areas. A month or two after the end of the course, they return. Recently, a new Welltox has been developed. It contains a unique combination of active ingredients, which allows you to achieve a perfectly even skin tone. ”

Doctor cosmetician: “Previously, coping with excessive skin pigmentation had to be done by hardware methods. These options were not suitable for all women, and the result was not always positive. Recently I began to use the Welltox cream in my work. It can be used by people with sensitive skin, suitable for both girls and people, whose appearance of dark spots on the face is associated with age-related changes. ”

Real customer reviews of Welltox against dark pigmentation spots on the face skin :


Lisa, 19 years old: “I had not only freckles on my face, but also spots after acne. Cosmetologists offered laser treatment, but the fear of the procedure was so strong that I did not dare to do it. My friend gave me a whitening cream. He helped me very much – after the summer holidays at the institute they did not even recognize me – the face became even color. It shone with beauty. ”


Anna, 35 years old: “I’ve always been covered with freckles. As soon as I did not try to lighten them – every spring I became like a sunflower. The cream has become a real salvation for me. Now I prepare my skin in advance for spring. Thank you very much to the manufacturers. ”

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