Reduces weight without diets and exercise – burns fat

Fito Spray for weight loss – one of the few drugs that allows you to cope not only with extra pounds, but to consolidate the effect

The reasons for the formation of excess weight are several:

  1. change in metabolism,
  2. passive lifestyle,
  3. hormonal failures.

The spray eliminates kilograms regardless of the prerequisites that led to weight gain.

7Fito Spray action

The action of active components is directed to several directions at once. Occurs:

  • weight loss without diets and physical exertion,
  • removing excess fluid from the body,
  • splitting of fats.

If you decide to help your body to lose excess weight with a low-calorie diet, then Fito Spray is useful in this case. It reduces the feeling of hunger, so you will remember less about food. In addition, the body is saturated with useful trace elements.

6Stages of weight loss

  • 1-2 weeks : the body cleanses toxins. The excess fluid goes away.
  • 3-4 weeks: the process of metabolism improves, subcutaneous fat is actively burned.
  • 4-6 week: intensive burning of fat continues, weight loss reaches 10-15 kg.

5Where to buy Fito Spray for weight loss in Singapore?

Buy Fito Spray in Russia online on the official website in a few minutes – you need to fill out a small online order form and wait for the call of the operator. He will not only pick up a suitable course, but also tell you about the main properties of the spray.

Buy Fito Spray in a pharmacy in Russia can not. Sold only through the global web. This allows you to ensure control over the provision of original products. Helps and keep costs at an affordable level. The price of Fito Spray for quick weight loss is 50% off. Carefully study on the official website the timing of the action, in time to buy a discount of 50%.

4Composition of Fito Spray

Natural components provide fat burning, strengthening of immunity. There are:

  1. Green coffee. It is a combination of a powerful antioxidant and a low amount of caffeine. Burns fat and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.
  2. Garcinia extract. Blocking the transformation of carbohydrates into fats, leads to a faster breakdown of fats.
  3. Goji berries. Accelerate the transformation of fatty deposits into energy. Protect the heart and blood vessels.
  4. Mango and Acai extract. Strengthen the cell membranes, block the deposition of excess fat, have a positive effect on the immune system.
  5. Lemon acid. It activates the metabolism, improves the elimination of toxins.
  6. Menthol and mint. Optimize the outflow of bile, accelerate metabolic processes and freshen breath.

3Fito Spray Instruction

Spray Fito Spray allows you to lose weight and burns fat on the stomach, sides, buttocks , but does not require much effort. The mucous membrane is rich in blood vessels, so the components can quickly enter the bloodstream, affect the fat stores.

To use, you need to open the spray and press 1-2 times the dispenser. It is used as needed. Because of the natural ingredients in the bottle, a deposit may appear, but it does not affect the quality of the product.


The results are visible after one week of application, when 5 kg immediately go away. If you do not quit at this stage, then in a month you will not know yourself. The result of regular use is:

  • improvement of metabolism,
  • reducing the constant feeling of hunger,
  • pulling the contours by removing excess fluid.


Real feedback from buyers and doctors about Fito Spray suggests that the spray really starts to act quickly, refreshing your breath.

Tkachenko AS, a nutritionist: “The problem with excess weight is a real scourge of our time. Overeating on holidays, constant snacks by harmful products become obstacles in the fight for a beautiful figure. For those who want to lose weight, a unique spray has been developed. It allows you to pacify your appetite, quickly return a beautiful figure. Dietary spray is very convenient to use. It quickly enters the bloodstream, so it acts instantly. ”

Elena, 23 years old: “A smart way to lose weight. I tried different diets, but I could not stand them for long. So I started looking for help of another format. Imagine, for a month only with the help of a spray I lost 21 kg. ”

Maria, 30 years old: “In one week I dropped 5 kg. I thought that the weight would stop at that, but the effect was longer, so for 3 weeks I dropped another 14 kg. During this time I managed to achieve the result, which many do not even dream of. ”

The spray helps to reduce weight without diets or invasive manipulations. It is sold at an affordable price, so you can start losing weight right now.

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