1Fresh Fingers – effective against the fungus feet and hands

Spray Fresh fingers against fungus toe – a unique tool, removes fungus, completely get rid of the unpleasant symptoms. Fungal disease is difficult to deduce. They can appear in different places, but it is a favorite place for the toes, heel. Signs of injury include:

  • thickening of the nail plate color change,
  • cracks in the skin between the toes,
  • blistering,
  • changes in skin structure,
  • the development of inflammation.

2Mechanism of action

The uniqueness of the funds is that it allows you to completely get rid of the symptoms. Exposure occurs to all layers of the dermis. After the course, the fungus does not appear again. The product does not contain corrosive components. The advantages include:

  1. No side effects.
  2. The synergistic action.
  3. Guaranteed Results.
  4. Action after the first application.

Action spray phased:

  • At 1-2 week comes the removal of peeling, itching. The spores of the fungus are beginning to die.
  • 2-4 week fungus passes not only the fingers but also on the nails. Gone odors.
  • At 4-6 week consolidation effect occurs. The skin becomes smooth and healthy. Disappear any manifestation of the fungus.

3How to buy Fresh Fingers in the UK?

You can buy Fresh fingers spray in the UK online only on the official website with a 50% discount.  The product is not sold in pharmacies as manufacturers control the quality of the product. Selling via the network allows us to offer the drug at a fixed price with good discounts. This makes available a large number of spray people.

Price Fresh fingers reduced by 50%. But such a proposal can be met only through the authorized representatives. Due to a reduced price means it is more affordable than the passage of the treatment in clinics or using pharmaceutical drugs.

4The composition of the spray

The main components of acts klimbazol and farnesol. The first component has an active effect on the fungus. It is easy to penetrate into the structure of the skin, eliminating any losses from fungal origin. Farnesol helps eliminate unpleasant odors. Addition means comprises:

  • Vitamins. They have a positive effect on the skin. It promotes rapid healing of tissues. Soften the skin, eliminate signs of flaking.
  • Peppermint essential oil. It helps cool the foot, relieve discomfort, relieve the itching.

All components reinforce each other’s actions. The complex creates an invisible protection, preventing the formation of cracks. At the fungus does not remain chance to settle on the skin. The spray is effective against athlete’s foot, nail of any etiology.


Apply the spray to be clean and dry skin after hygiene. Rub the composition twice a day until completely absorbed. After that, you can wear any comfortable shoes. The course of treatment is chosen individually. It depends on the degree of damage, the flow characteristics of mycosis.

The first results will see in a few days. Gradually, the discomfort will pass. But at the first improvements do not stop the treatment. Only when the full impact of kursovom you protect your feet from repeated defeat by a fungus.


The drug has undergone clinical studies, it has quality certificates. Recent support the safety and quality of the product. Each spray has a unique code. It allows for a few minutes to check its authenticity.

With regular use, there is complete freedom from any manifestations of mold and unpleasant odors. You will be able to wear open shoes, go to swimming pools and other public places.

7Reviews of doctors and buyers

Real customer reviews and doctors about Fresh fingers confirm the efficacy and safety of funds.

Dermatologist of the highest category: “From a stop fungus infection no one is immune. Athlete’s foot can be caused by different microflora. Often the main causative agent is Trichophyton red. Contact with the patient, his belongings, personal hygiene is almost always causes the infection. Previously used for the treatment of complex chemical compounds. They had a lot of contraindications, demanded re-course to prevent recurrence. Fresh fingers – new invention that copes with mycosis has natural composition. Apply it twice a day after showering. You’ll forget what the itching, cracking and redness. ”

Kate, 45 years old: “I work seller. By the end of the day his feet sweat a lot between his fingers. In the morning there are red scaly patches. The doctor said that I have a foot fungus. the entire surface of the foot and nails have been involved in the process. Dermatologist recommended to start treatment with Fresh fingers. A month later, I forgot about the problem. Nails are beautiful, soft skin. I’m glad that did not have to be treated by chemical means. ”

Arthur, ’24: “I work in the office. By evening, feet itch, odor appears. We have always with you carry spare socks. Mother learned about my problem, sent to a mycologist. The study showed that my initial stage of the fungus. Salvation was the use Fresh fingers. The tool works very efficiently. The next morning, after the first application he said that the itching was. I use the spray regularly. Finally, can the workplace to think about their responsibilities. ”

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