1Revomuscle – extreme build-up of lean muscle mass + 5kg in 21 days!

New improved formula of the German «RevoMuscule» Sports Nutrition perfectly meets the three basic requirements of an athlete: effectiveness, speed displays visible result, health safety.

2Action RevoMuscule

The optimum ratio of key ingredients (per 100 g: carbohydrates – 22 g fat 5 g protein – 70 g Energy value – 412 kcal) provides an easy and complete assimilation of the product, the rapid release of energy that develops the physical condition and endurance athlete any direction. Professionally selected amino acids, vitamins and minerals help to preserve normal metabolism, minimize stress effect the resumption of the training process after a break, successfully resist the syndrome of chronic muscle fatigue in athletes with a lot of experience. Acting as a new generation fat burner, «RevoMuscule» conducts accurate “drying” of the body without losing muscle mass.

3Where to buy in the UK?

Buy «RevoMuscule» can be online in the UK at the official website. Retail sales not. The price of «RevoMuscule» to increase muscle mass bodybuilder on the official website of the discount – 50%.


Absolutely natural concentrate consists of a purified protein, complement and strengthen the complex of natural plant ingredients – wheat germ extract and Viburnum natural “energy” – Eleutherococcus.


Available in 30 pcs capsules. Admission Scheme for the growth of the active muscle capacity: 2 capsules 45 minutes before training, then – 2 capsules 15-30 minutes after its completion.


The first noticeable change in the standard training schedule – already in the second week of use (from 40% to 50%), 2-3 week – a slight decline (25%), 3-4 weeks – a stable period (about 40%), and the maximum effect (60%) – the beginning of the fifth week of training. Next – steady growth.

7Real customer reviews

John C, powerlifter.

In less than five years of training I have tried a bunch of different sports supplements companies, and it is difficult to me than a surprise. Specifically for «RevoMuscule» I can say that clearly pleases the form of release – the capsule. Those who tasted the pure amino acids or protein without flavorings, will understand me. The effect on the efficiency, I would compare with taking creatine, with the difference that in the beginning of the course, you can do without the “boot”, the complex is designed so that the right to engage in work. The presence of the IUD too – plus. I use. Satisfied.

Maria, a doctor.

The components of the protein-carbohydrate mixture «RevoMuscule» matched with the calculation, not only complement each other, but also to offset the negative effect. Cleavage of the protein in the body leads to the release of ammonia molecules, and here Viburnum extract, possessing diuretic properties, comes to the aid of the kidneys. In addition, it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, has antispasmodic and cardiotonic action. The wheat germ contains 18 of the 20 known amino acids, vitamins A, D, E, Group B. A Eleutherococcus on the properties and composition of the substance is similar to ginseng.


The husband became interested in bodybuilding about a year ago, but it somehow does not matter. Periodically, I threw a couple of months, then took a subscription again. I decided to cheer him up and give something stimulating. After consulting with experts, all together praised the quality of the German sports nutrition. Searching the internet, I read the reviews and stopped to «RevoMuscule» – effective, safe, all natural. Oleg is now training with pleasure, increased strength and energy. Recently I noticed that he began to show “cubes” on his stomach.

The credibility of the company
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