1Rhino Correct – Hollywood ideal nose shape 15 days

Designed Rhino Correct to correct the form of nose without surgery and is an alternative to rhinoplasty. The mechanism of action is based on mechanical stress on the cartilage of the nose structure. Thereby:

  • lifted the tip of the nose,
  • narrow wings,
  • reduced length,
  • smooth out the sharp corners,
  • symmetry is restored.

2Action Rhino Correct

The effect of using rinokorrektora becomes noticeable after several weeks. correction process is completely painless. To solve the problem of the drug is not used, so the tool is recognized as one of the safest. The device is used as, and at a young age for the correction of adult noses. The younger a person is, the faster it will be visible success.

Effective Rhino Correct stages :

  • 1-2 week. Begin the first place changes, imperceptible to the human eye. The tip of the nose starts to catch up, sinus decrease.
  • 3-4 week. Gradually smoothed hump on the nose. By raising the tip of the bit length of the nose visually appears smaller.
  • 4-6 week. There is a strain of cartilage, restored symmetry and harmonious appearance.

3Where to buy in the UK?

It is easy to be able to buy in the UK RhinoCorrect online with 50% discount on the official website – Langetka not sold in pharmacies, only on the manufacturer’s website. Its price is lower than the transaction and receipt of advice of leading specialists in rhinoplasty. In pharmacies and convenience stores to buy the device impossible.

Selling via the Internet allows you to monitor the party Rhino Correct, checking each set sold in the existence of the marriage. Price Rhino Correct by users and physicians fully justified.


Concealer is made of soft and hypoallergenic orthohelium. Thanks to a specially-designed shape it is easy to wash under water, process preservatives. It weighs only 15 oz., So it will not be uncomfortable. Size of the universal equalizer. It is suitable for women’s and men’s noses.

5Instructions for use

Cartilage tissue is gradually deformed, approximately 1.2 mm per month. To achieve visible results you must use Rhino Correct 3-4 times a week in the evenings. Suffice it to wear concealer 2 hours a day.

Fix the equalizer so that the side parts lie on the wings of the nose and were below the midpoint. After use, be sure to rinse it under running water corrector.

6Results from the use of the corrector

When using the patch affects the nose gently. Regular use will significantly increase the rate of appearance of the first results. Thanks to a secure fit of the nasal septum is a rapid extension of the nose. After two months of decline hump, the nose will be close to ideal.

There is:

  • elimination of irregularities by the natural,
  • correcting age-related changes,
  • work with the tip of his nose,
  • symmetry restoration.


If you read reviews about the doctors Rhino Correct correction of nose shape, you will realize that many people use it in their practice.

Plastic Surgeon: “Langetka – revolutionary alternative to rhinoplasty. This method of changing the shape and size of the nose has been developed recently, but has already gained popularity around the world. I suggest using this device for anyone who wants to make facial features more clear and expressive at home. The device allows you to save a large enough amount to visit the doctor, surgery and recovery period. ”

Maria, ’24: “With regard to his nose complexed for a long time. As a child, constantly teased me, but in his youth had to learn the special technique applying makeup to spice up the party. I began to learn different methods of working with the nose. You can enter drugs, do the operation. But there was a serious fear of all these manipulations. Accidentally stumbled upon reviews of Rhino Correct. Contraindications to its use have not found myself, so I decided to order. That changed very quickly. It seems as if the whole face has changed. Now I am happy with his reflection in the mirror. ”

The credibility of the company
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