Valgosocks – professional valgus correction for 1 month

Valgosocks Socks by valgus deformity can solve the problem of painful bone in the foot. This is a common disease, which affects 30% of all women. The reasons for its occurrence are many: incorrectly matched shoes, hereditary deformation of the joint. There are many different ointments, which are intended to correct the problem, but to effectively cope with valgus deformity can only mechanical effects.

1Treatment of hallux valgus Valgosocks

Socks are the development of the German Fraunhofer Institute. They are designed in cooperation with leading orthopedic surgeons in Germany, so they take into account all the features of the biomechanics of the foot. Specificity equalizer is that it is directed not only on the thumb, but also to fight flat-footed.

Socks are a few features:

  • preserve anatomical mobility of the foot,
  • regulate the load on the right foot,
  • eliminate the transverse flatfoot,
  • stabilizes the correct position of the feet.

The therapeutic effect becomes visible after 4 weeks of use:

  • Week 1-2: relieves pain and swelling.
  • Week 2-4: thumb joint and take the correct position.
  • Week 4-6: returns to the size and shape of the bone.

The thumb can deviate by 15-30 degrees. This leads to severe pain, distortions that are difficult to treat. Only Valgosocks help avoid surgery.

2What is Valgosocks

The therapeutic effect is achieved due to the metatarsal and toe bandage lining of soft fabric. They stabilize the correct position of the foot. Reliable fixation is ensured by the soft lime trees. Hypoallergenic material does not cause irritation.

3Where to buy socks Valgosocks?

Buy Valgosocks in the UK on the official website, you can at an affordable price. Only through an Internet portal is carried out sale of certified proofreader. You only need to specify the country of residence, name and telephone number. Last necessary for the manager to call back.

Buy Valgosocks the pharmacy in UK is impossible. This is done deliberately in order to avoid possible spread unofficial products. Discount price Valgosocks is 50%. This is less than the passage of the treatment in the clinic.


Concealer is designed for day and night use. Buyers use them both for home and for trips to work or to the shops. Concealer should be applied on bare foot. Fix the device on the thumb and little finger as instructed. Fixing should be tight, so make sure to wear tight-fitting leg.

During treatment is best to wear comfortable shoes on a small heel stable. If the deformation is only on one foot, all the steam is used anyway, because only in this case would be podhodka.


Thanks Valgosocks you can:

  1. Make the correct gait and beautiful.
  2. Correct valgus deformity without surgery.
  3. Fully restore joint mobility, and the big toe.

After a month of constant use decreases flat, completely disappear pain in the finger joints. Stone is gradually returning to the right place.

6Reviews Valgosocks

Doctors about Valgosocks socks from the toe bone on the positive:

Professional surgeon: “valgus bending due to various factors. Often leads to the development of opportunistic diseases of the joints. before surgery is prescribed for severe deformation. But it is not always given proof result. New corrector Valgosocks able to relieve any person from having surgery. Socks adjust the joint regardless of his position. ”

Maria, 33 years old: “I was shocked when I saw that on the right foot bone grows. At first I thought it was a tumor. The doctor explained that this valgus deformation that is removed is very difficult. Physiotherapy did not help, so I ordered Valgosocks. Socks restored normal appearance legs. “Anna, 44 years old: “The stone appeared in his youth. Various procedures have not brought the desired effect. So we had to search for treatment. New corrector helped quickly – first disappeared pain and swelling, then a lump began to disappear. Full effect was reached after 3 weeks of use. ”

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